Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Continuing Cabling

Tuesday 4th Feb

Nine of us in today to continue with the re-siting of cables to avoid the Winchcombe embankment slip and to finish painting the CRC outer home signal post.

I was off to CRC for the painting with Malcolm W so unfortunately there are no photos of the action at Winchcombe but I took these of the completed work at the end of the day - so no mug shots I'm afraid!
All the old cables have now been removed from the slip side and fed under the tracks through protective yellow plastic tubing:

And an inside view of the newly positioned cabinet adjacent to the repeater signal at the end of platform 2. A fair bit of connecting up to do here.

Concrete troughing has been laid up to the cabinet at the bracket signal, cables inserted and lids put back on. The cables have been fed into the cabinet ready for connection.

And the connections to the motor operated points have been re-routed:

And finally a view of the completed troughing coming out through the road bridge towards the end of platform 2 - looks very neat!

This work using the 30 pair replacement  cables has resulted in the removal of a number of smaller cables -  a much tidier arrangement.

To bring you up to date with the re-furb of the CRC signal post - this has now been finish painted with its bottom black and upper white gloss coats, so providing we have good weather next week, the fittings can go back on.
And, if I dare to dream, this will release the scaffolding so that we can start to "dress" the new Broadway bracket!



  1. Am I right to assume that the channel for the new troughing was dug out with the JCB (whichever make you have)?


  2. No. Manual labour to scrape out a level path to drop the troughs on and then scrape the ballast back up against them - quite energetic work but there were seven bodies to lighten the load this week.

  3. I expect you all will be happy to move on to working on the new Broadway bracket (to which I look forward expectantly), but the Winchcombe re-siting is important and it looks very well done indeed! Thanks for the time+energy to document it for us, greatly appreciated!


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