Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A Bit More Prep for Broadway

Tues 8th Nov

One of the jobs we are getting on with to enable the ticking of another box towards the kitting out of Broadway Signal box is the construction of the Block Shelf.  This is quite a large construction which consists of 3 separate sections of GWR block shelf which were originally in Dawlish Warren signal box. These have been jointed together to make an 18ft long piece with 5 ribs to stiffen a new one piece front panel. We have retained the original end radii so when it is in position it will look pretty well heritage!

Because of its size and the pending inclement weather we have 'borrowed" Building Services facilities to do this. More work to do on it yet but it's beginning to look the business. Here are John P and Carl S with the assembly at the end of the day:

We shall require the modification of the steel mounting brackets which will hang this from the box roof - number of brackets and modifications to be decided. Putting it up is going to need a bit of ingenuity and muscle!

In the meantime cleaning and refurbishing carries on. All the point operating components have been rescued from Laverton and Keith L and Mike S are labouring away to undo some pretty stubborn nuts:

and in the relative warmth of the coach "workshop" a start has been made with the cleaning and testing of the electric locks:


And finally, from last week, progress was made with the stripping and painting of the wooden signal post which we have in the yard at Winchcombe..............................................................................


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  1. Wondered what else you'd been up to lately. Wonderful looking block shelf and I am sure the wooden signal will look splendid as the platform 1 starter. Great work. Regards, Paul.