Friday, 30 September 2016

Temporary Ground Signal in Operation

Tues 27th Sept

Six of us at Cheltenham Racecourse today with two tasks in hand. Firstly to connect the temporary ground signal that we installed  last week to enable us to strip signal No 3 for a complete makeover.
Secondly to finish burying the cable by the side of platform 2 down to the signal box.
Neil C was the advance guard to get the scaffolding up round signal 3 before the arrival of the first train of the day. We arrived and loaded the P Way trolley after 4270 had run round and the way was clear to move our kit up to the bridge. Carl, Jim, Keith and John poised for action:

The objective was to disconnect the electrical wiring and signal wire from No 3 as quickly as possible  and re-connect to the ground signal to enable seamless operation for the next steam run round. All went well with only an additional short length of signal wire required to be "spliced" in:

Electrical wires from No 3 connected straight in without drama. Except that the light bulb didn't survive the journey - luckily we found a spare in the signal box so both illumination and detection are now fully functioning:

Cable burying along platform 2 now complete - everything now looking nice and tidy;

Now just needs the Tarmac!



  1. Well done on the dummy replacement. The whole site loos neat now as well. Regards, Paul.

  2. Signal 3 post now wire brushed and painted with primer.