Monday, 15 December 2014

Another busy Tuesday

At last a dry Tuesday !

It had been noticed that a signal wire was looking a bit rusty towards the end of Winchcombe platform so a good chance to replace it with new and remove the accumulation of pine needles

John and Andy getting stuck in
Meanwhile Len and Keith helped by clearing away debris and the old wire.
When Keith gets up to speed, there is no stopping him- look at the speed blur on the tip of his shovel

Don't worry Len, its definitely a non running Day!

Meanwhile, back in a very damp and chilly Locking Room I was investigating a reported fault on the Winchcombe pax ( Private Automatic Exchange) unit. The report was of NDT ( No Dial Tone) so first you have to find out if the fault is still there and then which selector is causing it.   Lo and behold the fault is there and here is the view of the selector unit.

The fault is a failed winding on the pulsing relay, but dont worry we have plenty of spare coils to keep it working. These particular ones have to work quite hard, electrically speaking,   they have three separate coils on the one core. One acts as a transformer to inject dial tone back down the line.
Not something to repair in a cold locking room but easy enough on a well lit bench with a cup of coffee to hand!

Mike S

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