Wednesday, 14 February 2018

We finally got around tuit

Sorry about the cheesy title  but we wish the world to know that we have at long last replaced the PAX  MDF at Winchcombe

Its referred to as an MDF which brings back memories of long apparatus rooms in 10, 000 line exchanges ( I was at Euston, now 01387 and at Canonbury, 01226) .

Here at Winchcombe it was just a single 50pair block enclosed in an old steel Fusebox casing, but it did the job and had kept us working for many years.

However its now replaced by a nice new, plastic Krone Block thanks to Pauls skills.

He made it seem very easy  and, like a lot of these jobs it is if you go about it the right way, and he says that he has  done many, many of these in his time.
The trick was to carefully label each individual circuit before we started- we did all that last week!
Glad to report that it worked straight away and all lines produced the right responses.

A long overdue indoor job done on a very cold winters day. 

Looks like I forgot to get a final picture of the Box with its cover on, but thats a bit boring. Also glad to say that it passed inspection by Neil who came past to take a small warm interval from upgrading signal lamps to LED.

It looks like we need to get the decorators in soon!

Thanks for reading of our exploits

Mike S



  1. So much smaller than the MDF. Well done to the 'T' part of 'S&T'!
    Decorators very necessary! Don't forget to put the date of painting somewhere near the door when it's done i.e. '2/18', in true railway style for future reference!
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Is this system digital then? Sorry but you need to get Building services in to sort the mains electric supply and then some painting, just goes to show that you look after every one else but your own place never gets any TLC! Good to see it is all working OK now.
    Paul & Marion

  3. Digital?? No just POTS.
    Perhaps one day one of the PAX'es will be a part of our museum, in the meantime they work away
    Will try to get a picture of the finished box next week

    Mike S

  4. I've just heard the name boards from Banbury North and South signal boxes have been donated by British Rail to the Great Western Society at Didcot Railway Centre and will form part of their new signalling exhibition which opens in June this year.

  5. Many years ago I have worked on PAXs of various sizes from 10 to over 4000 extension and having private wire tie lines to other PAXs at other sites. The exchange at Birmingham University was an open frame in a large room of its own resembling a GPO (at that time) exchange, employing a permanent on site engineer, until it became a PABX. It had tie lines to The Medical School and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.