Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Re-conditioned Ground Signal Installed

Tuesday 20th Feb

The ground signal that we removed from Toddington a few weeks back has now had  a
comprehensive makeover - so today we returned to put it back in place.
It has quite a complicated base casting with some  awkward internal cavities to clean - but here it is ready to go:

A couple of mods have been made to replace the lamp case mounts but otherwise its now good for another 20 years

Jim P and John P cleaning out ballast from underneath the concrete mounting block so that the securing bolts can be pushed through - all a bit awkward and uncomfortable kneeling on the ballast.

 Two bolts fit and it is nice and secure:

All that remains is to re-dress it with all its fittings

Re-connect it and give it an oiling 

And then test it to give the tamper safe passage on its way to Broadway

Meanwhile back at Winchcombe Keith, Carl and Len had begun the task of clearing the yard. There is a large mixture of discarded rubbish here including several wooden cable drums, car tyres, rotten pallets, brambles, etc, so a large bonfire ensued. 
Here are a few shots of the action (please note that were careful not to incinerate the vintage wagons in the background!!!)

We left it looking a good deal tidier but it now needs the assistance of the telehandler to tidy up the heavy stuff. The metal skip is completely full so the removal of the  rest of the metal scrap will have to await an empty skip. 

Before we left Toddington I walked down to the Starter signal that had its down rod replaced recently to give the bottom end a coat of black gloss where the paintwork had suffered some scuffing - so Toddington signals now  in good order. 
Malcolm also took the opportunity to weigh up what is needed in the way of stretchers for the new turnout (see PWay blog for views of this. 



  1. Well curly Signal and Telegraph? didn't know smoke signals were still used!!!Amazing to see the bracket looking that good, it is , sometimes, the small items that can be the most time consuming but that really does look good. thanks for the post.
    Paul & Marion

  2. I wouldn't have called it a bracket. I would have called it a double 'dummy', but that is more likely a coloquialism.
    Whatever it's called, it looks the part!
    Regards, Paul.

  3. I know you've got loads to do, but now that it's been decided not to provide the Loop Extension at Broadway would it be a good idea to remove the redundant arm and doll from the bracket signal on Platform 2, leaving just the shorter one for the present layout?

    1. Probably just remove the fittings initially and leave the doll in place. Removal of the doll is awkward now that the bracket is in place.
      Who knows, we may get a loop sometime in the future!!
      We live in hope!

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