Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The end of the Rodding

Tuesday 11th July

Confined to barracks today. Decided not to go to Broadway because of the wet forecast. So it was an ideal opportunity to put an end to the damned rodding. Just 3 lengths left to clean and paint

And then add to the pile stored on the concrete slabs. 138 lengths in total. We'll now see how the zinc paint stands up to the elements - it will still be a while before they are transported to Broadway.
It's a relief to have them all complete and to have some space in the MSC shed to swing a cat!

Meanwhile there was activity on a couple of additional parts required for the recently erected wooden  signal post at Broadway. The ladder and its safety hoop. Carl S and Peter B attacked this with the angle grinders with wire brushes  to remove the old paint as it was in rather a poor state - quite a fiddly job to manoeuvre round the rungs.


While Keith L savaged the hoop and cleaned up all the rusted bolts  - all of this was accomplished outside before the rain started 

These items were moved under cover and  painted with primer and will hopefully be ready to transport to Broadway with the remaining signal fittings  next week ( must get through the platform gap with the heavy stuff before access is denied)

Talking of heavy stuff, two  of the large lumps required for Broadway north are  the buffer stops which are presently on the ends of the rails in the yard at Winchcombe opposite the Carriage and Wagon works. One of them was accessible for Steve to drag out with the Telehandler together with all the undergrowth that has sprung up round it:

The second one will require a bit more ingenuity to get out  because it is up against the rake of "high class" rolling stock on this isolated siding - probably will need a length of temporary track laying to move it all up to get access. I believe the objective is to get them trucked up to Broadway tomorrow.



  1. One buffer stop arrived this morning. We are starting the trench across the gap so you will have to be quick!


  2. Are you not worried that the paint on the rodding will soon rub off where it passes through the roller frames?

    1. No. The inside surface which rests on the rollers has not been painted. Most of the insides where the weather hasn't got to them are in reasonable nick. We have just painted the tops, sides and lower edges. We shall see in the fullness of time just how effective the Zinc Rustoleum is. It was pretty expensive so we are expecting it to do a good job!

  3. Yes, I bet you ARE glad to see the back of the rodding refurb. The 'hole in the wall' is being sealed (see Broadway blog), so better get everything up there - or you will have to wait until it can go BY RAIL! LOL. Regards, Paul.

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