Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sorting the Stools

Tuesday 20th June

Six of us in today with several tasks to do.
John P, Carl S and Keith L went off on strimming duty to clear vegetation at Gotherington (morning) and round the signal wires from Winchcombe up to Greet tunnel in the afternoon.

The rodding stools that Malcolm had fabricated a while back have been stored in the MSC shed at Winchcombe waiting for zinc plating. These are the units that will support the point rodding up the side of platform 2 at Broadway. Apparently zinc plating is costed on the weight of the items concerned so we needed to get them off the shelves and count and weigh them. There are two different sizes - one to take a four wheel roller set and one to take a three roller set. Within these sets two different sizes of angle iron was used so we ended up with four different weights. Firstly we laid them all out - a grand total of 87 units

Our colleague Peter B joined us today from Hawaii. He is over in the U.K. for the summer to swell our numbers. Malcolm and Peter made a start laying them out:

Here's the 87

And a close up of one of them - the rollers will be bolted onto the top surface after plating.


The total weight of them is 750kg and they are now boxed up in a large plastic stillage ready for despatch as soon as we have a satisfactory quotation for the plating.

And to round off the day a further 6 lengths of rodding got painted with Rustoleum  (just started the third 5 litre can)  Only a few more to go now!

We have selected a ladder for one of the signals at Broadway north. This needs a bit of modification for attachment to the post. A job for next week. (note the 3 lengths of rodding we have got ready for tomorrow's team!!)



  1. Good to see an update on the Broadway front. The rodding is looking far too nice to install on the ground!?! Regards, Paul.

  2. When will the last signal be planted at Broadway and when will you start installing the rodding and wires etc, when you are at Broadway can we have some interior shots of the signal box? regards Graham

    1. Until the track is laid into Broadway the positioning of the signals south of Evesham road bridge cannot be done. The 3 signal posts north of the station are already in because we know where the pointwork is going. Note that no signals will be operating when trains start running - the train crews will control movements via a ground frame and hand operated point levers. It is estimated that the signal box will not be commissioned until later in 2018. So the work required to instal the point rodding and signal wires will continue up to then. We hope to be at Broadway next Tuesday to put the fittings on the 3 north end signal posts. Two of our team will hopefully have put up some scaffolding by then to facilitate the operation. Will get you a shot of inside the box. There was a good one showing the Block shelf which I put on the blog about a month ago.

    2. Thanks for the info, regards Graham