Tuesday, 11 April 2017

More Cleaning and Painting

Tuesday 11th April

The all consuming point rodding has taken up a lot of today's activity. Unfortunately the galvanising paint we were expecting has not been delivered yet so we continued with the second phase of wire brushing with the angle grinders to remove the remaining rust.

Keith L

And Carl S in full flow

While cleaning these we have noticed that many of them are slightly bowed so we are subjecting them to a straightening technique by supporting them at the ends and applying weight in the middle - hoping that over a period of time we will  reduce the curvature - that's the theory anyway! These are now stored on the floor of the MSC Shed.

The wooden signal post had already received its undercoat yesterday so today it received its top coats of white and black gloss - now looking good and weatherproof. Broadway next stop.

There are always plenty of parts to clean and paint. Jim P was occupied with pulley wheels and lamp casings.

And what better way to relax than in the sunshine of the Winchcombe tea gardens


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  1. Wooden signal is looking good. From ratio kits (OO scale) I know how many parts there are that go into making up each signal and it's a credit to you that the signalling looks so good on GWsR. Regards, Paul.