Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sloping Off- who us, Never!

Whilst much mechanical work has been going on to get Winchcombe's new track signalling ready for the new season. 
Paul terminating cable s into the new Krone distribution Board

We on the "electrical side" of S&T have achieved a lot in so much as the new concentrator has now been installed and commissioned  at Toddington Signal Box , this is the 4th we have built from scratch.
Now only Broadway to do!

New Unit installed at Toddington

Gradually we are also carrying out improvements to the various Signal Post Phones to improve reliability and get them  to a standard internal design to make repairs easier.
Train Crews will also see more consistency in the external labelling of the SPT's which will make it easier to find them and, as at the earlier 'boxes, when they lift the handset, they will hear a ringing  tone to indicate that the circuit is working.

Meanwhile, Kevern had been taking a short break from writing up the maintenance and repair notes for the new units and was at Winchcombe investigating  the circuit conditions needed for our Box to Box circuits to work

Internal view of the Toddington Unit

Len and I  started  with  an apparent disconnection up on the Bracket Signal 27/29 which is north of Toddington. After a long walk we found that in fact it wasn't disconnected but internally, the bell was!
(The presence of the ring capacitor is a standard line test from a distance and shows up clearly on an analogue meter.)
Anyway, Len and I drew a reconditioned unit from our stock back at Winchcombe  and installed it.
I reckon that between us, we walked about 3 miles on the ballast to get it done.
'Tis done and working now.

Mike S


  1. Great to finally see what goes on behind the scenes,how long to complete the Broadway signal box though?
    Paul& Marion

  2. Ah well, if we got paid I would say that the answer was"above my pay grade" as a Volunteer and someone at a later stage in life< I just say that it will all happen in good time.