Wednesday, 30 June 2021

One of Each

 Tuesday 29th  June

Just a brief blog today - to round off the ground signal saga.

The Signal we removed from Winchcombe (South end adjacent to the bracket signal) has been fully dismantled and its post has now received its 3 coats of paint. Bit more painting to do on the other parts - we should have it finished next week ready to replace

This signal is for shunting movements into the platforms. We do not have calling-on arms on the bracket signal for shunting. 

The two ground signals we removed from the PWay and C&W sidings recently have now been fully restored and rebuilt - one Western Region and the other GWR

Another lineside cabinet is being prepared for non-lineside duties - electrical stuff in Churchward House yard I believe. This one is in quite good condition (only the best for head office!!) 

For those of you who did not get a chance to see the photograph of the inside of the lineside cabinet at Stanton Aqueduct when Neil C was investigating a track circuit fault - here it is again. Note the bird's nest lined with the insulation it has pecked off the relays! 



  1. That birdie is a little devil .


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