Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Foot Crossing Repair

 Tuesday 4th May

Two of us in today - John P and myself under the watchful eye of Malcolm W.

We had a fairly urgent job to make a replacement section of foot crossing - the crossing from the bottom of Toddington signal box steps  has gone rotten. This had been pre--measured so John P cut up suitable wooden planks and constructed the following

The top surface was then covered with anti-slip chicken wire held down with numerous staples.  I volunteered for the messy part  to coat it all over with a liberal dose of creosote

It was then delivered to Toddington and fitted to place.

Another kindling/coal box has been made for Toddington signal box. This is a smaller version due to the limited space with the extended lever frame

Just when you were thinking that we have lost sight of proper S & T stuff, there has been a lot of work going on to check and record the mechanical locking in all our signal boxes. Some of the original charts were not up to date or had gone missing. All these revised charts have now been completed and laminated and are to be attached to backing boards which will be hung up in their respective locking rooms. Here is the one for Broadway

The locks on each of the horizontal locking bars have been colour coded so that it is much easier to see the locking combinations

And finally, we have found sufficient flat bar to complete the fitting of the handrail to the CRC replacement bracket signal



  1. As a matter of interest, what's wrong with the existing bracket signal at CRC?

    1. It's well past its restore/repaint date. Also, for reasons historic, the old bracket is L shaped and unbalanced and the concrete footing is suspect. Was considered better all round to install a new base and newly restored bracket and then reclaim the old one.


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