Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Mission Accomplished

 Tuesday 3rd Nov

Afraid I was not able to attend today - having to isolate for a hospital visit on Wed - but the stalwart team of Malcolm W, John P and Neil C completed the Broadway bracket. Signal lamps all connected up and working, balance weights fitted and signal wires connected - looks good with the scaffolding removed! 

Looking forward to pulling a lever! 

Photo courtesy of Neil C



  1. Very very well done Curly. Looks so good,

  2. congratulations on finishing the new signal at Broadway , hope you can be operational in the Spring . To hear the sound of levers pulled opposite the station will be exciting . Will there be an announcement and opening ceremony ? john M.

  3. The bracket looks wonderful in the sunlight. Can't wait to see the whole lot operational.
    Regards, Paul.

  4. Looks gorgeous! Thanks for all the time and energy on the updstes.


  5. Excellent job by all concerned. A fine addition to the Broadway "landscape" !

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