Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The Bracket Gets Dressed

 Tuesday 13th October

At last a day out at Broadway. Having got the scaffolding up round the new bracket signal last week we can now get it looking like it belongs to a railway!

Pickup loaded with most of the parts and ready to go. 

We need a decent lengthed ladder to enable easy and safe access to the platform. We start at the top by fixing the finials then the pivot and plunger castings to the long doll followed by the pivot pin and back blind. Note that there are no detectors on this signal because they are well within vision from the signal box. 

Repeated for the short doll and then fit the spectacle plates and signal arms (nice sparkly new ones) 

Good view of approaching train from up here - 4270 approaching from Toddington

Down below George B and John P manoeuvre the metal ladder into position between the scaffolding and hollow out a hole to secure the bottom in. To be concreted at a later date

Moving down a level we fixed on the castings for the balance weight arms and adjusted the down rods to connect with the arms. That's as far as we got today - here's a shot of the state of play.

And just a reminder of the set up for connecting the signal wires. Two for the main arms and two for the call-on arms.



  1. Well done, signal looking really the business. Any date set yet for the commissioning of Broadway box?

    1. I can't answer that at the moment. There are other factors in the equation which need to be taken into account. We are proceeding with getting the signal box ready but there is no rush as there is a need to have platform 2 sorted before this is necessary - availability of signalmen, etc.

  2. Nice blog Curly. The bracket is beginning to look the business

  3. Looks magnificent. Well done all.
    Regards, Paul.


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