Thursday, 9 January 2020

Re-furb Continues

Tues 7th Jan

Start the New Year as you mean to carry on!
What is that I hear you cry - more cleaning and painting!
Prior to the removal of track from Stanway Viaduct, a small team was despatched to remove track bonding and disconnect cables. The lineside cabinet on the viaduct has been removed and returned to Winchcombe for refreshment - we availed ourselves again of the BS workshop to get out of the drizzle which seemed to go on for most of the day.

The bottom end of the main post for the replacement CRC has now been cut off to square it up ready for welding on the baseplate - this is having its holding down bolt and drain holes drilled by John P and the mag drill (allowing a bit of extra clearance for margin of error in our measurements - don't want this hanging on the crane and not fitting the existing studs!)

Also in the relative comfort of the BS workshop Peter W is assembling a series of lampholders for all the new Broadway signals - about 17 of these needed I think. These have small bayonet fittings for LED bulbs and have wooden bases which will fit snugly into the lamp cases

One of the crows nests removed from signal 4 needs a complete refurbish - now dismantled ready to clean up and make some new boards for the base. The distant signal south of the tunnel is earmarked for renovation - the boarding here on the crow's nest is rotten so we will do a complete swap with this one :

And the final job of the day was the organising parts for the platform of the CRC bracket. This needs four support arms to support the planking  and eight bars to support a handrail.

Support Arms primed

Eight handrail supports cut ready for threading on both ends



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