Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Point Motors and Brackets

Tuesday 14th Oct

Two groups in action today
Neil C, Carl S, Keith L and John P set off to Toddington to continue with the installation of the two point motors at the South turnout. The motors had been taken to site last week with a great amount of muscle power - they are pretty heavy.
All the new components are here loaded on the pickup ready to go :

The screwed rodding (M20) will be cut to length and used to secure the units to the extended sleepers. The large yellow tubes are to carry the connecting cables (safely) under the tracks to the adjacent lineside cabinet.

The following photos are courtesy of Neil C (I stayed behind to continue bracket work at Winchcombe)
Keith L halfway under a sleeper attempting to get a nut and large washer on! (camera lens a bit steamed up here I'm afraid)

And the completed installation with stretchers and detector rods connected

The fitting of the second unit wasn't completed today so will have to wait for the next visit.

Back at Winchcombe Malcolm W, Richard C, Peter W and Jim P set to with sorting and restoring parts for the building of the replacement bracket signal for Cheltenham. We found a pair of suitable length dolls in our stockpile in the yard - these have been de-rusted and primed (a morning's job for two of us)

Peter W and Jim P continued with the de-rusting and painting of the main structure

The weather was kind to us today so we managed to complete our painting objectives in bright sunshine

The Broadway bracket signal has now had all its fittings removed after their trial assembly and is ready for transportation to Broadway sooooon!



  1. Nice work, the blue looks good but that will not be the final colour I guess.

    1. Actually dark grey undercoat but could be mistaken for something else dark!

  2. Never seen a lock stretcher like that before, any reason for the different design?

  3. Very good work in spite of poor weather,