Wednesday, 12 June 2019

A Washout

Tuesd ay 11th June

Not much we could do today because of the horrible weather.  Painting definitely off!

We have had notification that the ground signal at Hunting Butts, CRC has been vandalised so John P and myself set off on the 11.20 behind P & O to retrieve the parts which need attention.
The red and green glass lenses have been smashed and some of the white enamel has been chipped - presumably some mindless idiots using it as target practice with pieces of ballast.
So we have unbolted the disc and it's mounting plate to take back to base.
This signal has a detector on it operated by a pin on the back of the plate which we have removed. A bit of a worry this because we are not sure if this detector can lock the points. Luckily this was not the case - it just indicates that the signal is off/normal in the signal box.
A quick call to the signalman from the lineside phone opposite the signal  to check that the points operated OK and we hot-footed it back to the train with 5 minutes to spare.
Here is the damaged disc:

We will replace the lenses with some coloured plastic ones. We have some of these but will need to cut them to size - you may have noticed that we are not strictly GWR here - this is from a Midland signal (at least out of sight up Hunting Butts!)

Back at Winchcombe Peter W is removing the boards from the platform of the bracket signal to enable us to freshen up the rest of the paintwork and to store the boards under cover to dry out before applying another coat of creosote

Work continues with the refurbishment of the point machines for Toddington. These continue to be a bit of a jigsaw but have now had the operating and detection bars removed together with their locating plates.

The bars were all pretty rusty on exposed surfaces but have been taken indoors for a good clean up

One set of plates have been degreased and given some fine emery treatment

Will show a clearer picture of how all this fits together when we re-assemble.


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