Thursday, 11 April 2019

Wet and Windy

Tuesday 9th Apr

A very cold, wet and windy outing for us at Toddington today to make a start with the installation of two ground signals at the newly laid pointwork at the southern end.
Access to get the most southerly signal to its position was somewhat limited having got as close as possible with the blue pickup - it was a two/three man job to carry over the rails and drag it along the ballast. A heavy lump and awkward to get hold of in its fully assembled form. But we are made of stern stuff!

We had already unearthed an existing concrete block with fixings that suited this signal so it was soon bolted down:

Next task was to clear some ballast adjacent to the signal to prepare a concrete base for an angle crank to direct the wires across the track.

And the template holding the mounting studs sunk into the concrete:

Focus then shifted to other end to prepare two more concrete blocks for the North facing signal.
More ballast digging and shuttering required  for the signal and its adjacent angle crank.

And the two templates with mounting studs sunk in.

Signal, angle crank and wiring up to be completed next time.

Here is a sneak preview of the two mounting plates that have been pre-assembled in Winchcombe yard. These will carry the horizontal pulleys directing the signal wires across the tracks from the yet to be installed bracket signal at Broadway. We are waiting for a suitable opportunity for Steve and JCB to dig us a large hole for its concrete mounting block.


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  1. I know it was later BR(WR) practice to do it like you have, but a bracket signal would have been nice for the Up Home controlling the entrance to the yard at Toddington! 🙂