Saturday, 30 June 2018

A Few More Stools

Thursday 28th June

Only three of us at Broadway today. I had to miss our normal Tuesday, although there was a small gang here who did stuff other than stools!
So here is a brief summary from Tuesday.
The connection of signal 7 (platform 1 starter wooden post) to the box has now been tidied up so that the wire is supported at 20ft intervals - 7 rollers have been attached to the platform wall to support the wire :

There is a tricky area at the end of  the platform ramp where the wire has to divert over the top of the rods to "squeeze" through. We should have left the two slabs out that we removed to get the rodding through! It works well with no obvious rubbing points.

Neil C has marshalled a pile of cable troughs on the edge of platform 2 - these will be collected  by the diesel railcar for moving to Winchcombe for installing a new cable from the siding renewal work up towards the signal box. The existing cable is buried under the track and will probably get damaged. So better safe than sorry!

So back to today and the dear old rodding.  We dug in a further three stools and concreted them in plus the other 5 that were prepared the previous week.

With the four runs of rodding now installed over all the concreted stools it looks the business:

There are now 7 more stools to put in before we reach the point where two of the compensators will go. We hope to get Steve and his mini digger in to prepare the hole for a substantial concrete block. Once we have laid out the positions we can determine how much to cut off the end of a sleeper to get it all in.

Finished off with a shot of Dinmore Manor appearing out of the shadows

Note in this picture that we have upgraded to an electric mixer after all the problems we had with the petrol one!


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  1. Lovely to see the cable troughs being moved on the railway!
    I vaguely recall some stuff being brought in on the rails while
    getting set up, but I think this may be the first things sent
    _out_ over the rails.