Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A clean and paint day

Tuesday 25th Oct

Just a couple of volunteers today confined to barracks at Winchcombe to do some essential cleaning and painting of fittings. As mentioned last week we have a series of electric locks to fit in Broadway box - the ones we have in stock need a bit of tlc. The covers have been wire brushed with an angle grinder and have been painted with red primer. After white undercoating they will eventually be painted "silver".

Inside our carriage "workshop" some of the back plates for the locks have been cleaned and under coated:

A miscellany of signal parts are also in various stages of restoration on another bench outside - some of these will find action at Broadway. The primed item in the foreground is a mounting bracket for a lamp case. 

The finial which was removed during the re-furbishment of signal 3 at Cheltenham has now been cleaned and here it is receiving its white gloss topcoat - red centre section to follow - another part  for Broadway signals:

Talking of signals, we have received, courtesy of John S, a 20ft long wooden signal post which we are proposing to use for the starter signal at the end of  Broadway platform 1 ( near where the original signal box used to be adjacent to Evesham Road bridge). We believe it was rescued from a garden in Cornwall. It is quite a substantial piece of oak. It has some fairly serious rot at its bottom end so we are going to cut this out and insert a new piece and then fit a steel boot round it for support. Here is a sneak preview from  under the cover:

To round off the day Neil C and Richard C went over the tracks to fit replacement lights to both ends of the Baguley-Drewry railcar. Red LEDs on the right and white LEDs on the left for bi-directional Identification. Mechanical servicing still to be carried out but still looking excellent  after its C&W makeover


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  1. During my time with the S&T at Tyseley in the late 1960's all our lever lock covered were painted blue - the same colour as FPL levers - with the lever number stencilled on them. Yours would look much better in that colour than silver. Oh, and sorry to be pedantic, but the majority of Western finials had the base painted black!