Tuesday, 5 July 2016

More of the same

Tuesday 5th July

Five of us at Broadway today carrying on with cleaning, fitting and stacking, while Carl S and Keith L took off to Toddington to strim the growth accumulating round the signal wires.
Len had the unenviable task of continuing with the cleaning and oiling of the slots in the locking trays.

Meanwhile Malcolm and John P carried on with the fitting of brackets and planks which will make up the "Rabbit Proof Fence" at the inner end of the rodding tunnel. A surprisingly large gap that will require eight 12" wide by 8 ft long planks. A bit more bracketry needs to be fitted in the centre to complete the job next week.

Up the north end of the track bed Richard C and Peter B ploughed on with the re-stacking of the concrete cable troughs and lids. Most of the pallets on which they were originally stacked have collapsed or rotted, so to enable them to be easily fork-lifted we have positioned some serviceable pallets on flat ground. We managed to stack 8 pallets with 25 troughs on each, probably about half a ton per pallet.
There are still a hell of a lot more to do!

One of the other activities that has been going on over previous weeks, for which I have no pictures yet, is the re-furbishment of the double  arm signal at the Hunting Butts end of Cheltenham Racecourse . This has had all its fittings stripped off and has been re-painted. Re-conditioned fittings are now installed and it should be back in action as soon as all the signal wires are re-connected. While this has been going on, the adjacent ground signal has been controlling operations.


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