Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A bit more equipment installed

Tuesday 12th April
Five of us departed from Winchcombe with the blue pick-up well loaded with the remaining 40 mechanical locking cams, locking trays, some signal wire pulleys and point rodding parts. Still quite a lot more to follow in due course.

We spent most of the day fitting more of the cams, only another 7 to go. Tightening the mounting bolts and fitting pivot pins and split pins in fairly inaccessible places is a bit of a challenge but we escaped without serious injury!
Our final objective for the day was to mount 5 locking trays. These mount vertically below the cams and are seriously heavy cast iron beasts. It's a 2 man lift to hoist them into position while a third pair of hands attempts to locate 6 fixing screws .

There is still a bit of adjustment required to get all the slots correctly aligned, but the final view looks pretty splendid. Malcolm W will have a bit of work to do here to configure all the interlocking combinations required.
Another box ticked

Sitting in the signal box at lunch makes you realise what a splendid set of views there are - there's going to be some competition signalman duties here!


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  1. Well done everyone and especially thanks to Curly for keeping the Blog going
    Mike S