Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Broadway bracket and Broadway Rollers

Tuesday 1st April

Day started bright and clear. Then it got worse "Would you just check the Signal Post Phone Winchcombe Signal 2?" My heart dropped, its an awful walk round and down to the southern tunnel entrance literaly, its  on the wild side.

So no hiding today in the comfortable bowels of Signal Box Locking Rooms and PAX units.  Tested OK from the cable head under Winchcombe box so no alternative, just load up and get down there. 
Methinks "Sticky Plungers, thats what it will be"
 Luckily the redoubtable Carl Smart offered to help carry the kit and beat a path down through the nettles. 
Sorry, there are no pics of this- too much kit to carry. Will try again next week when we can carry out a permanent repair, in the meantime please be gentle with it!
And then it was back to HQ for our first outdoor lunch of the year.

Here are just few pics of the afternoons activities

Firstly  a rare pic of Carl Smart getting on with  preparing and selecting point rodding rollers for the platform sections at Broadway. 
Whats rare about it? You may ask. 
Well he usually disappears if he sees the camera come out. Behind him you might just be able to see a Broadway Finial awaiting a final coat of paint

Malcolm and Andy P continued on the assembly of signal arms onto the dolly's of the Broadway Bracket Signal.

 Mind that nice new paint now!

 Here you can see the outcome of all Carl's work , at least we now know just how many more we have to find. Now was it 19 3 sets and 58 4's or the other way round?

I hear that we may have a new input to this blog shortly so watch this space for more exciting adventures from the world of S & T!

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  1. Why do you always paint signal posts white? Didn't BR(WR) use a metallic grey?