Friday, 6 September 2013

The Blog Begins

Our Railway consists of many happy gangs not the least, but so far blog -free, is us at S&T.

This is my first attempt at Blog writing ( sounds a bit like Bog Snorkeling!) and any view or inference is mine not necessarily that of the Dept. Just informative entertainment.

A lot of our work revolves around the mechanical signalling side , the Telegraph part heavily involves the redoubtable Neil Carr-he knows where all the cables are. We also have a smaller group, mostly me at present who, whilst I rejoice in the fine arts of restoring rusty metalwork,  prefer to use my skills to maintain the telephone side. More of which as we go on.

We are led by Mr Malcolm Walker. He is often  found behind a cloud of pipe smoke unless he happens to be leading us forward around the dusty wastes of Winchcombe yard.
Here we see a meeting in progress between MW and the Protheroe Gang, assessing which one they need for a certain job. From what I overheard the holes were different sizes. ( Whitworth of course)

The rest of us lot help out in all sorts of ways and make tea.

Richard Collier and Carl Smart. Carl is smiling as I he thinks he will be getting a new Tabard soon!

Projects recently completed include the Down Gantry signal in Winchcombe yard which was assembled from scratch and the pre assembly  of the lever frame for Broadway Signal Box. 
Apparently , the easiest way to find out if we had enough bits was to put it together. Unfortunately we will have to totally dismantle it to install it, but that's the railway philosophy , nothing beats us!

We are also preparing to replace all the Signal Box Concentrators so that they will work in exactly the same way and look in keeping with our heritage railway. In this respect I have taken advice and continue to be amazed at the help I have had from from a number of other railways including Dean Forest, Mid Hants and Bluebell to name but a few. Big thanks also to our own Carriage and Wagon who  are varnishing mahogany cases for us whilst we gather  together all the bits and pieces to build five new ones, all different. 

 As I said, its all my own personal view. Hope you enjoyed reading it, more as and when.
Mike S

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